Our Guiding Principles

Young children are capable and competent.

Here at Odyssey English French Nursery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we believe that all children are capable of positive developmental outcomes. Therefore, we hold clear and high expectations for all young learners, regardless of their backgrounds and experience.

There are individual differences in rates of development among learners.

Each child is unique in the rate of growth and the development of skills and competencies. Some children may have a developmental delay or disability that may require program staff members to adapt expectations of individual learners or adapt experiences so that children can be successful in achieving a particular performance standard. Additionally, each child is raised at our nursery schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in a cultural context that may affect the approach that the teacher uses with each child.

Children will exhibit a range of skills and competencies in any domain of development.

All children within an age group should not be expected to arrive at each benchmark at the same time or master each standard to the same degree of proficiency.

Families are the primary caregivers and educators of their young children.

Families should be aware of programmatic goals, experiences that should be provided for children and expectations for children’s performance by the end of the preschool years. Teachers and families should work collaboratively to ensure that learners are provided optimal learning experiences. Programs at our nursery schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi provide families with the information they need to support learner’s learning and development.

Young children learn through active exploration of their environment through child-initiated and teacher-selected activities.

The early childhood environment in a nursery school should provide opportunities for children to explore materials and engage in concrete activities, and to interact with peers and adults in order to construct their own understanding about the world around them. There should therefore be a balance of child- initiated and teacher-initiated activities to maximize children’s learning.

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Educating Children is not a job Taking care of a child is not a job Loving and caring for kids is not a job
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