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Parent’s Corner

Dear Parents,

These are some daily and varied activities at Odyssey English French Nurseries in Abu Dhabi and Dubai that you can do for your child at home that would improve their social and cognitive skills:

Daily Nursery Activities


When serving dinner to your child, make a comment about how she will feel about eating the food. For example, “I bet you’re happy that there are no Brussels sprouts tonight!”

Pretend Play:


Give your child opportunities to draw on her previous experiences during our daily nursery activities such as pretend play. For example, play “school” together, and pretend to be the child while your child is the teacher.

Reading Books


Go beyond the hear-and-know by explaining the reason for an event in the story. An example of this nursery activity is, “The Big Bad Wolf couldn’t blow down the Third Little Pig’s house because it was made of…

On the Go


At this nursery activity, you will ask your child to evaluate the things she sees. While out for a walk in the park, ask, “Do you think it’s a good idea to keep dogs on a leash.

Household Chores

Teaching your young children to grow towards independence begins at a young age. Teaching self-help skills is where it begins. At this nursery activity, you need to guide your child to learn to feed themselves with their fingers…


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