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3-4 yrs old sorting out sizes Sorting buttons by size - great fine motor and measurement activity

Sorting Coloured Christmas Buttons is an easy activity to set up which promotes colour recognition, measurement and classifying skills. These colourful buttons are so inviting and kids will enjoy sorting and matching them according to colour and size. This activity can be done using regular buttons. With Christmas being just around the corner we were motivated in using Christmas coloured buttons. This is one example of this type of measurement



and colour recognition activity.Sorting coloured buttons - coloured recognition activity

You will need an assortment of coloured and size Christmas buttons. These are available in our online shop but you can also pick them up in your locate or craft store. You will also need 3 glass jars or containers.

  • Place the coloured labels on one side of the jars and the big, medium and small labels on the other side of the jars.



We were able source 3 different size glass jars which made it perfect for the sorting and representing size. You will find that the printable labels are also in font sizes to represent big, medium and small.Sorting buttons by colour - colour recognition activity for kids.  Free printable labels

  • Sort the buttons by size. Talk about each button, which one is biggest and smallest? Encourage language such as, “this button is bigger than this one”.

  • Sort the buttons by colour. Discuss the different shades of red, green and white. Are there any buttons that do not belong?

  • Talk about which jar has the most buttons in it. Before starting, predict which colour buttons will be there be most of.



Sorting button by size - measurement activitymeasurement activity - big medium and small sort






  • Fine Motor Development

  • Hand-Eye Coordination and Control

  • Concentration

  • Language development – describing the buttons and bigger, smaller, etc.

  • Mathematics – measurement, comparing size.

  • Colour recognition

  • Problem solving skills – comparing the differences and sorting them accordingly.


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