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Fireworks (aka bows) maths ideas and activities  great new years theme acitivities

To keep within our celebration and fireworks theme, I have set up a couple of number and measurement activities to be completed over the New Years period.

The coloured metallic bows imitate the ‘fireworks’ to keep within the celebration/fireworks theme activities we have been completing.These brightly coloured metallic gift bows are so inviting and motivating for children, they will be so excited to play and learn with them






Sorting activity with bows - classifying into groups of big, medium and small.  Measurement activity.

I have also added a set of tweezers (or small tongs) to pick up the bows and support fine motor development, this is optional.For other activities shown below, you will also need numbers (magnetic, wooden or from a puzzle) and a small tub.

SORTING BY SIZE :Sorting big, medium and small bows is a great activity to introduce and play with the concept of measurement. Giving children the opportunity to compare objects and use language associated with measurement, such as smaller than, bigger than, biggest, smallest, etc.



Measurement activity - classifying bows by size big medium and small.  Fireworks (bows) theme maths activity.


  • Talk about the similarities and differences – size, and shape.

  • Depending in the age and ability of the child, you may only like to sort the bows into 2 groups rather than 3 as shown in the picture. Classifying by size is a skill that takes time to develop, begin with only sorting into 2 groups labelled big and small.

  • Look at other objects around the room. Please find me an object that is small than a pillow or larger than a pencil.

  • Use and encourage language associated with measurement. Is this one bigger that that one?



Fireworks (bows) maths theme activity - hidden numbers in a fireworks sensory tub.

Hidden Numbers in the Sensory Tub is a fun counting, sequencing and number recognition activity.

  • Children search for the numbers hidden in the tub underneath the metallic bows.

  • When they have found a number, say it out loud and place it along a number line in order from 0 – 10.




  • Jumble up the numbers along the number line and try and put them back into order from 0 to 10.

  • Play another fun game called “Guess the Missing Number”. Remove one number and your child has to try and guess which number is missing from the number line.Counting fireworks (bows) - celebration, new years or fireworks theme activity

  • To extend the learning from the above Hidden Numbers Game, you may like to count out ‘how many’ bows underneath each number shown in the number line.


  • Fine Motor Development

  • Hand-Eye Coordination and Control

  • Concentration

  • Language development – bigger and smaller than, big and small

  • Mathematics – measurement, comparing two or three objects (size)

  • Problem solve and overcome challenges

  • Number recognition, ordering numbers and counting numbers 1 to 10.



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