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“Reggio’s optimistic way of looking at children focuses on what they do know, rather than what they don’t know”.

Reggio Emilia is a philosophy developed in Italy during the Second World War in the 1940s.

The father of Reggio philosophy is the late Loris Malaguzzi. He worked as a teacher when he, together with parents, citizens of the city of Reggio Emilia decided to create and offer something new for their children. They wanted to offer an environment that supported the child’s individual development of becoming independent thinkers and problem solvers with strong empathy skills and understanding for the world around them.

The core believes in Reggio philosophy is that all children are born with a various amount of competences, interests and knowledge that the educators want to acknowledge, value and help the child to develop. These competences and interests are the compass on the learning journey we want to participate in together with the child as co-explorers. We observe, listen to and ask questions to find out each child’s thoughts, ideas and hypotheses. We build on a trusting relationship that builds on respect between everyone in the classroom, children as well as adults.

When a child is painting, dancing, constructing, singing, drawing, laughing, climbing, and exploring a material he or she is expressing his or her identity, feelings, thoughts, ideas and hypotheses. Reggio philosophy and the classroom environment supports children to express themselves in any way they choose to. Creative work and play are the ways we teach and learn about ourselves, others and the world around us.




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