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Infant program- under One

We believe that children learn best through play. The young infants’ nurturing nursery program offers the needed skills that will serve them throughout their lifetime. Children at Odyssey English French Nursery schools in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are given ample opportunities to learn and grow

Cognitive Development:

0-6 months:

Children will be encouraged to mimic numerous actions such as the sounds of animals, moving vehicles, saying good morning and good bye.

6- 12 months:

They are encouraged to stack blocks since it is a big part of problem solving skills. They are introduced to the basic colors, shapes and numbers through play and rhyming songs.

Creative Expression

0-6 months:

Infants will discover treasure sensory baskets full of everyday items like bubble wrap, aluminum foil, newspaper, sponges, soft and hard wooden items, etc.

6-12 months:

Infants will be engaged in social skills activities such as circle time, songs, music, ball play and sharing in order to encourage social interaction.

Executive function


Knocking down towers and using wooden blocks on a daily basis helps children develop strategies in order to explore problem-solving skills.


Children will investigate, with the help of the teachers a variety of 3- 5 piece puzzles. They will pull them apart and reassemble them again.

Under Two’s

Children learn best through hands-on experiences. Our monthly themes at our nursery schools in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are based on fun-filled activities that target each developmental domain. Each activity provides toddlers with the confidence needed to grow both cognitively and socially. Children have prepared centers on a daily basis. For Example: Animal Theme

Blocks and Cognitive Center: building homes for animals; patterns and counting animals, sorting different animals based on their habitats, shapes, colors.

Dramatic play: walk and sound like different animals

Language Center: flashcards of all animals’ names, songs and rhymes about animals, discussions during circle time about animals, stories and books, making small books about animals

Small world: making a farm with tractors in connection to their world

Sensory and Art: feeling the different covering of animals, finding animals in the water and making different animals from recycled material.

Under Threes

Our curriculum involves the children’s young minds at this stage in all necessary early learning skills in preparation for preschool.

Here’s a sample of how, from a weekly unit we call “All About Me”:

Activities include: helping children choose books from the Language Learning Center connected to the theme, and learning to identify and name different body parts, such as head, eyes, nose, mouth, arms, legs, hands, and feet.

Counting and patterning skills are the focus of group activities involving movement, clapping, and identifying different body parts.

Children will be exposed to a few classroom rules during circle time, which will provide opportunities to practice self-control and regulation,

Afternoon group activities will focus on memory and helping children interact and become more familiar with other children in the group.

Under Fours

At this age, children tend to become more independent and therefore gain more self-esteem. Our nursery school curriculum improves that confidence by providing activities to help three- and four-year-old children become problem solvers and develop a love of lifelong learning.

Through independent investigation, structured activities, and hands-on learning, children will improve a variety of skills and knowledge in areas like early literacy, mathematics, science, languages and social skills.

Here’s a sample of how, from our “My Home and Family” theme.

Literacy activities include recognizing rhyming words and inventing group stories on the flannel board and in the Dramatic Center. Math activities will focus on positional words, recognizing and making designs from shapes, and on measuring.

While outdoors, children will explore musical instrument, water play and will participate in fun planting activities.

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