Paper Dinosaur Hat


My kids really love role playing, guess what they love to play as? Dinosaurs! And they love the Jurassic movies and The Land Before Time.

They run around holding their dinosaur toys acting like they are dinosaurs!

 So when I saw this craft online making a dinosaur hat out of paper, instantly I decided to create few of these for my kids. I went out and bought all the supplies needed.

This takes time to prepare, but with the activities needed to be done such as tearing of paper, gluing, painting and decorating. I’m sure the kids will enjoy every step of the way. This would take time to wait but it’s all worth it and my kids love the hat and plays with it all the time, they would even sleep with it on their head.

I am sharing this paper dinosaur hats so that your kids will also enjoy.

Supplies Needed

  • One large balloon for each hat
  • A lot of old newspaper or brown-bag paper or any recycled paper
  • Flour-water glue or any glue
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch (or just use the tip of a scissors to make holes)
  • Assorted paper, cardboard scraps, styrofoam scraps, egg cartons
  • Paint
  • String or elastic for chin straps
  1. First step, ask your kid his/her favorite dinosaur, and look over the internet how it looks like in animation or in reality.
  1. Make a simple, thin glue from flour and water (boiling gives it a nice consistency). A good recipe is: Mix 1 cup of flour into 1 cup of water until the mixture is thin and runny. Stir into 4 cups of boiling water. Simmer for about 3 minutes, then cool.
  2. Have your kids tear a lot of strips of newspaper and/or brown bag paper. Strips should be about 1 inch in width or wider, the length doesn’t really matter.
  3. Blow up a balloon, the hat is molded over a large balloon.
  4. Dip each strips of paper in the flour glue and put on the balloon. Put the balloon sideways because most dinosaurs had long heads. Apply the paper strips to cover about half of each balloon . About 3 layers of paper are necessary for a hat thick enough to decorate later. You can do all the layers at one time, or wait between layers. Let dry for a few days.
  5. Pop the balloon when the hat’s dry and remove. Trim the hat, depending on the dinosaur species chosen. Using glue or staples, add horns, frills, crests, beaks, teeth, and more, made of paper, cardboard, styro foam, and egg cartons. Let it dry.
  6. When the hats are dry, punch holes for chin straps and paint the eyes, nostrils, beaks, skin color, etc. Let paint dry.
  7. Add string or elastic to use as a chin strap.

And your kids will enjoy the hat, and they can even matching clothes to make a better costume.


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