Nature-themed Bookmark


Kids love everything outside from rocks, leaves, grass, and flowers. Some of them would even like to bring them inside and play with it.

Why not teach them or show them a cool and enjoyable way to create crafts that can also serve as a gift to their loved ones. This is a great activity that can be done at school or with a group of kids. The kids will truly love the processes involved in making the bookmark. Especially the collecting part. Since you will be asking them to collect flowers leaves and tiny twigs that they can use, and also the pressing of the ones that they have collected.

Here are the materials for the nature-themed bookmark:

  • leaves, flowers and tiny twigs (collected by the children)
  • cardstock
  • scissors
  • glue
  • single hole punch
  • yarn, string or ribbon
  • laminator/contact paper

Let’s get started:

First, to make the design ready for the bookmark, we’ll need to press the leaves, flowers and twigs.  Pressing is simple, place the leaves, flowers and tiny twigs inside the pages of a thick book (thicker the better) and leave it there for 3 to 4 days. Once they are dry, remove them from the book carefully.

flower pressing

Next, cut some cardstock depending on the size of your bookmark, here we have 6 inches x 2 inches. You can also play around with different colors for your bookmarks, as for us we used a light brown cardstock.


Now the fun part, make a design using the pressed flowers, leaves and twigs on your cardstock. When you are satisfied with the design, use a glue to secure the design on the cardstock and before covering them with a laminator or a clear contact paper.


To protect the bookmark from usage, we have to cover them up.  We had a laminator to do it, but an alternative will do, like using a clear contact paper.

Trim of the excess plastic from covering your bookmark.
card with pressed flowers

For the final details, just be creative as you’d like! With the small single hole, we had punch hole around the border of the bookmark and threaded some hemp cord around the bookmark and then tied it off at the top. For the other bookmark we had just a single hole on top and


For the other bookmark we had just a single hole on top and tied various materials, you could do too.


Aren’t they lovely? I love how the finished bookmarks turned out, it’s gorgeous! These are really great homemade gift for kids to make for special occasions!

punch a hole



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