Making Aquariums with Mason Jar


We attended a birthday party which had an underwater theme. My kids really enjoyed it and they loved the birthday souvenir so much, it was an aquarium on a tiny recycled Mason Jar, it had a tiny fish and it works like a snow globe that when you shake it the glitters moves around. When we got home my oldest got too curious and open up the Mason Jar and spilt everything that was inside it.


So she was crying and wanting to have a new one! Well a mom got to do what she got to do!

So I went and search over the internet for the aquarium crafts with Mason Jars so I found this great craft site which really look cute and my kids got so excited when I showed it to them and went together to the fish store and they chose what they wanted and we went to the groceries to get the rest of what we need.

Here are the stuff we got:

  • Mason jars – any size
  • Blue food coloring
  • Filtered water (tap water tends to give a cloudier look, but is totally fine to use)
  • Aquarium plastic figurines
  • Aquarium rocks and plastic plants ( available at any fish or pet stores)
  • Blue and white glitter
  • Glycerin (optional but this will make glitter move more slowly)

So how we place these in the jar?

Just fill in the jar with water and mix with glycerin just enough to mix with the amount of water, you can test it by putting some glitter and see if it moves much slower than in pure water then you will know if there’s enough glycerin. Drop some blue food coloring just enough to create a bluish water.


And place inside the rest of the aquarium stuff like rocks, plastic plants and figurines. When done putting everything your kids like


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