Avocado Boat


With the warm weather of Dubai, being in the water the whole day is just wonderful. An hour dip isn’t enough. And kids just can’t get enough of the water.

Here’s a great craft to give more fun to your kids while in the water – in a pool or in a tub.  Boat Craft out of avocadoes, which you can make with your kids, this will also give them more excitement having to create and play with after.

Here are the stuff you will need for your Avocado Boat Craft:

  • Avocados
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • origami paper or any paper of your choice
  • glue gun

Let’s make the Avocado Boat:

First things first, fill out your and your kids’ stomach with this delicious avocado, eat it however you like. Leave only the skin, wash it and let it dry.

Scoop avocado

Next, select the origami paper you and your kids like as the sail of the boat. There are plenty of beautifully designed sheets that you can choose from. But if there’s no origami paper available, you could actually use any paper with designs or for much fun creation, you can hand your kids a paper and let them draw any objects they like and have it colored.

For each avocado boat, we will only need a quarter of the sheet and fold it diagonally around the popsicle stick forming a small sail and mast. Use the glue to attach the paper to the popsicle stick.


When the sail is ready, attach the end of the popsicle stick to the avocado boat with the glue. Make sure the sail  is standing and attached firmly as seen in the picture below.


Finally, you can take the avocado boat to the water, either to the pool or into the bath tub! Or just anything you have to let it float.

That simple and your kids will enjoy and have fun with the finished craft – the Avocado Boat!



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