April Newsletter

07 April 2016

Dear Parents, Chers Parents, مرحبا
Welcome back to all parents returning to Odyssey Nursery and an especially warm welcome to those who are new to our Family.

We had a month of March filled with fabulous events and discoveries! I am adding to that April news letter some of the pictures team worth a thousand words.

Another Term is about to start at Odyssey Nursery and I am very excited by all the great activities teachers are planning for the children. This month children will look into the outer space: planets, stars, days and nights. Parents and children are welcome to bring something from home about this new unit of discovery for the “Show and Tell” session. Parents are also welcome to come to class for story telling session. Please liaise with your class teacher for more information.

I have to say that we spent 2 fabulous weeks of Spring camp at Odyssey Nursery. I have to thank our won-derful teachers team who has came up with such creative ideas to provoke children’s curiosity about Recy-cling and the Jungle. In addition to that, we had the pleasure to have Soccer Starz everyday working on skills “like Messi” with all the boys and girls from 2 years old. We ended by a very exotic jungle gathering with the spring camp parents and children : we loved having Play Dates at Odyssey, for a transformation of all children into jungle animals, for balloon bending and games session. We had Dubai drums as well who initiated the eldest and youngest to a tribal gathering and of course some yummy party food.

I wish you a great weekend and I hope to see you all on Sunday.
Thank you,



Kindly Reminders

Sun awareness: Your child shall come to Nursery with Sun block applied on his arms, face and legs. Make sure she/he wears a hat every day.

Your recycling contribution is needed: At Odyssey Nursery we are welcoming any unwanted clothes with zip and buttons, fabrics, costumes, shells and wooden items. For any donation, please approach your teacher, so we can work at encouraging creative ideas at Nursery to transform old things into piece of art.

Term 3 timetable: to be sent shortly. The first week is a transition week and teachers will finalize their activities schedule in few days.

All belongings shall be labeled. Semi-permanent labels are available at reception

Term 3 fees: Please proceed to full term payment by 14th April. After this date 10% extra charge will be added. Approach administration for further details.

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