About Odyssey English French Nursery

The Vision for the early childhood education at Odyssey English French Nursery School is to provide a learner-centered approach to education where each child will develop academic excellence, social responsibility and personal integrity supported by a healthy community culture in a thriving, joyful, nurturing and safe learning environment. It strives to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of each and every child while under the nurseries premises, in order to prepare them for success in a rapidly changing world.

Together, our goal is to prepare your child for the future.

Our mission here at Odyssey English French Nursery, is to aid the growth of children allowing them to acquire autonomy, with the skills and competencies that are the essential basis of teaching. It relies on the children’s strong natural abilities at that age to mimic and invent whilst playing and engaging actively in fun activities.

This increases and stimulates children’s desire to learn further, whilst diversifying their experience and enriching their comprehension.

The early-childhood program in our nurseries in Dubai (and now also has nursery in Abu Dhabi) shall endeavour to maximize the potential of every child through an active partnership between children, teachers, caretakers, parents and administrators. We aim to achieve this by providing a positive, secure, caring environment and be the best nurseries in Dubai where individual differences are acknowledged and appreciated. We promote peace education, understanding and effective communication between home and school.

To achieve the mission, Odyssey French English Nursery will:

■ provide a developmentally appropriate, literacy-based curriculum.
■ create and maintain an environment in which children learn through play.
■ establish parent partnerships.
■ provide and support ongoing educational opportunities for staff, parents and care takers.
■ include children with and without difficulties.
■ facilitate smooth preschool transitions.
■ promote effective communication.
■ establish and maintain collaborative relationships with other communities.
■ enhance the multiple intelligences inherent in each individual child through task based activities.

The Experience of Trilingual Education

It is our belief at Odyssey English French Nursery that Trilingual Education prepares your child for the future. It is extremely valuable to gain the power of communication in an increasingly interconnected global community and with one another. Trilingualism will provide our children with the tools to become successful members of society.

Creating a Trilingual Environment

Children learn a language by associating it to a physical and emotional environment. Entering a classroom at Odyssey English French Nursery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is like crossing the border between England and France.

How are languages taught at Odyssey English French Nursery?

At Odyssey English French Nursery, children will have the opportunity to learn French/English/Arabic through active involvement and stimulating, age-appropriate, hands-on activities. Using a thematic approach, children enhance their skills in a second language in the same natural way they learned their first language. Children will hear, and speak the languages and learn about important elements of each culture. Enroll today and start your child on a trilingual journey!

Why Choose a Trilingual Nursery?

Abu Dhabi and Dubai is a diverse, multi-cultural city and there are many benefits to being trilingual or fluent in more than one language. It is such hard work to learn a language as a teenager or an adult, so why not give your child the opportunity to embrace trilingualism from an early age? Children joining Odyssey English French Nurseries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi do not need to have prerequisite of any of the languages when they start with us… we offer them the opportunity to tune their ears to all three languages and sounds from the day that they begin their precious journey with us.

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