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Best Nursery School – Odyssey French Nurseries in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

As one of the top preschools and nurseries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Odyssey French Nursery believes that a child’s first steps are the most important and they will set them on the path of life. We strive to ensure that the first steps are the best steps, with our commitment to a Holistic approach to education presented in not one but THREE languages. Odyssey English French Nursery is considered one of the best nursery schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi because we believe in exposing children to two or more languages from an early age. Our English, French and Arabic classes will give your child the power of communication in an increasingly interconnected global community and provide the tools for them to become successful members of society.

Odyssey English French Nursery has a “learn through play” approach in which learning a language is not an objective in itself, but rather a way of communicating with others. We are committed to Early Years Education children are actively engaged through conceptual and experiential play in order to confront real problems, make choices, and find solutions. This leads us to developing the whole child socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. Research suggests that using ‘play’ may be one of the most effective means to learning. Read more

For more inquiries about our early childhood education, you may visit our nurseries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with the address and contact details below:

Nursery School in Abu Dhabi

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Khalifa City A, Street 20,
Sector 42, Plot 41,
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tel No. +971 2 665 5994
Mobile No. +971 56 484 5510

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Nursery School in Dubai

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Umm Suqeim 2,
Riga’a, Villa Number 26
Dubai, UAE

Tel No. 04 3488805
Mobile No. +971 50 687 8352 | +971 56 520 3448

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